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The Bench Plaques are Back

Posted on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

In a recent post, we announced that some bench plaques were missing from the benches. The town had removed them for safekeeping as they were doing some work in the area. We are pleased to announce that the plaques are … Continue reading

Where are the missing bench plaques?

Posted on Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Recently, some landscape work has been done along part of the Marginal Way. In order for this work to be accomplished, the town removed several benches, and have since replaced them where they were. In the process, the plaques that … Continue reading

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Considerations for a Seaside Garden Along the Marginal Way

Native plants are those species that either arrived in Maine without human intervention, perhaps thousands of years ago, or originated here. Non-native species were brought intentionally for horticultural or other uses, or came accidentally in ships’ ballasts, crop seed or … Continue reading

The Marginal Way Dedicated Its Second Recognition Plaque

It was a glorious sunshiny day, the last Saturday in May. There were small groups of walkers on our Marginal Way enjoying the explosion of pink sea roses, the blue sky, the sound of the ocean, and the wonderful smell … Continue reading

Maintenance of The Marginal Way

A Partnership that works

Ogunquit, by virtue of its Town Charter, is obligated to maintain the Marginal Way. It is assisted in this effort by the Ogunquit Marginal Way Committee and the Marginal Way Preservation Fund, Inc. (MWPF).
Ogunquit The Marginal Way Committee is responsible for identifying projects that enhance the aesthetics and safety of the Marginal Way and reporting its recommendations directly to the Select Board.​
Marginal Way Preservation Fund
The MWPF, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, has established a permanent endowment fund to aid the town with grants to help defray the costs associated with major renovation projects to maintain and preserve the Marginal Way.
Workers build a retaining wall to stabilize a seriously damaged section of the Marginal Way after the Patriots Day Storm of 2007. Private donors contributed $100,000.

Virtual Deeds

Soon after announcing our "Virtual Deed" donor program, dozens of Marginal Way friends ordered their customized, framed "Virtual Deeds" to a favorite spot along the Marginal Way in Ogunquit. Give a Virtual Deed to someone you love. Mail us a check for $200 (or use Paypal). Include the name of your loved one (or in honor of someone) and the vicinity or Parcel Number (a birthdate?) that you want "conveyed."
We will sign and seal your family's gift and mail it to you for framing. By supporting the long term preservation of the Marginal Way, you help protect a treasure. For a sample Virtual Deed, contact us using the information at the bottom of this page.
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