Summer 2016 Thank You’s

Jeanne Roche, Executive Director, the Executive Board and the Event Committee gratefully appreciate all of the support and donations of our business sponsors, donors, participants and volunteers for the following great events this Summer:

Brix + Brine Wine Party

We would like to thank Jacob Kirsch and his wonderful staff at the Brix & Brine Restaurant on Shore Road in Ogunquit for hosting the wines of the Paarl Vineyard of South Africa–“ M.A.N. “ at a recent benefit evening.  We enjoyed the wines presented by Marie and Anette from their vineyard (which they graciously raffled off 5 bottles from their collection) as well as delicious hors d’oeuvres by Brix & Brine.  Thank you to Sheilah McGovern of Vineyard Brands for introducing us to these wines.  We would like to thank our sponsor the Ogunquit Village Food Market and Jim Oliver from Bessie’s for the gift certificate, which was also a raffle item.  We would also like to thank the Ogunquit Chamber of Commerce and the Ogunquit Camera Shop for assisting us with ticket sales.  Thank you to all who attended and continue to support our preservation efforts.  What a wonderful evening to kick-off our summer!  We hope to make it an annual event!

A Fabulous Find

Thank you to A Caring Community and Deborah Higgins for selecting the Marginal Way Preservation Fund in June as one of the recipients of their Fabulous Find store. They contributed one-third of the proceeds from the June sales to us. We so deeply appreciate the support of the community and of programs like this not only to the Marginal Way Preservation Fund but also to the community at large.

A Garden Tour

There are so many people to thank that made this the premier event of our Summer Season. Thank you one and all. Your support and encouragement mean a lot to the Director, Board and volunteers who worked so hard on this successful event.


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