The 39 Benches along the Marginal Way

Benches are numbered sequentially from north to south, as indicated on this printable PDF map of the Marginal Way.

Do you enjoy the benches on the Marginal Way? Leave your comments, below.

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  2. Cynthia Borden McKenney says:

    Bench 11 —–you have the last name misspelled. It is Chester and
    Geraldine BORDEN Please correct…..thank you..

  3. Greg Goldberg says:

    When were the benches redone? My wife and I got engaged in 1995 but the picture of the bench looks different. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

    • Marginal Way Preservation Fund says:

      Earlier this spring, the benches were removed from part of the Marginal Way while some repairs were boing done. They may have been cleaned up at that time.

  4. Rebecca says:

    As I looked through the bench memorials, I noticed that many had the same name repeated on more than one bench.
    Is this a typo or did someone donate to have their loved one on several benches?
    I am wondering as I have not seen any details on how to have someone’s name put on a bench or a new one created. I am interested in having my fathers name added to a bench, if at all possible.
    Best regards,

    • George Hamilton says:


      The bench plaques were sold before my time, so I don’t have any real history about them available at this point. Our new Executive Director was involved in part of the original bench plaque program, but, at the moment is involved in some time consuming events. Early next week I’ll ask her about the benches and how some names got on several plaques.

      Meanwhile, in answer to your question about getting a new bench plaque, the town of Ogunquit has places a moratorium on this program for the foreseeable future. We do offer a recognition plaque, however, as an opportunity to honor a loved one. There is a link to some information about this program in the right hand side-bar of these pages. Please check this program out, and give us a call at 207-621-2200 if you have further questions.

  5. John mowry says:

    Out standing walk

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