Marginal Way in Four Seasons

Congratulations to the winners of the Marginal Way Photo Contest. Winners are shown below, with comments from photographer and contest Judge, Steve Dunn.


Winter scene by Mary Beth Wilson

by Mary Beth Wilson

“Ms. Wilson did an excellent job creating a very interesting image in very difficult weather conditions. By including the red bushes covered with snow in the foreground of the image she added color and added interest to the photograph. The image is composed very well with the point of land and the building in the background. It conveys a good sense of place and captures the true sense of a winter storm.”


Summer scene by Mike Perez

by Mike Perez

“Mr. Perez created a wonderful image by incorporating several elements to create a very interesting and well composed image. The foreground Rosa Rugosa bushes with the pink rose draws you into the image and then by using the leading line of the rocks he leads your eye out to the sailboat out on the distant horizon. The various elements of the image are all in focus, the exposure is right where it should be, the horizon line is straight and all the compositional elements are there. Nicely done.”

A big thank you to everyone who submitted photos. As Steve said, “It was not an easy task to select just three images from such a wonderful collection of photographs.” See all the photos.

3 Responses to Marginal Way in Four Seasons

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  2. Mary Beth Wilson says:

    I still can’t believe my photo was chosen among the winners, let alone first place!
    I had forgotten to come back and check the winners but was informed over the weekend by my sister.

    I really appreciate the comments by Mr. Dunn. To hear those words from a professional photographer are thrilling. He is right in saying that the weather conditions were difficult! I think I snapped off about 10 photos and got the heck out of there.
    It is difficult when sky and sea are basically the same color gray to find interest but I was taken by the snow covered branches. I find winter can be very architectural and I enjoy photographing in the winter.

    Although from New Jersey I love coming to Maine in every season.

    Thanks so much, again, for the recognition.

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