Lighthouse WebCam

Take in the views from the Marginal Way lighthouse!  To change your view, click the links below the camera image. Your turn ends in two (2) minutes, but you can reload the video. The more people who view our web camera, the slower the frames per second. The time-out feature is built into the software to allow more viewers to enjoy the magnificent Marginal Way.
If you are prompted to use Active-X and do not wish to, you can visit this page with Firefox, Chrome, or Opera.

15 Responses to Lighthouse WebCam

  1. Nitro Norris says:

    View 4 never focuses well. It tries…but fails.

    I’d donate if I thought the cam might be improved.

    • Dear Mr. Norris,
      View 4 of our Lighthouse Camera is a close up of the beach (zoom shot).
      If you would like to put your request in writing in an email to me, I will send it to our engineer to determine if it can be more focused.
      If you would like to donate to help us protect the Marginal Way and pay our annual costs of operation, please send your contribution to PO Box 1455,
      Ogunquit, ME 03907. We would be especially grateful. Catherine Palmer, Exec. Dir.

  2. Steven Howland says:

    Just got back from a lovely weekend in Ogunquit. Nice to check in on the marginal way this morning. The web cam is great.

  3. Laura Lyons says:

    I just love looking at the Marginal Way each morning while enjoying coffee. Thanks much for this effort. I will be happy to make a donation to the fundraising campaign.

  4. Joe & Marcia Bachand says:

    My wife and I were there last week. She walked the M/Way and is still talking about it. She is already planning another trip to the area. The web cam is great.

    • We are glad you enjoyed our Marginal Way. Please consider helping us keep it there! Urgent repairs are needed and every dollar helps. Send your check to Marginal Way Preservation Fund, PO Box 1455 Ogunquit, ME 03907 or donate online. You don’t need a Paypal account. If you can volunteer, call me at 207.604.4884. Thank you!

  5. donnajeanne says:

    My husband and I visit here twice a year,it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. When you are walking on the marginal way and you come to the lighthouse you can go to the other side and there is a slot for donations, we occasionally leave money there and I do love this webcam a lot its wonderful to be “there”.

  6. DaveB says:

    As summer fast approaches our friends and family who gather every early August in Ogunquit are once again looking forward to enjoying the Marginal Way. We have photos of the kids from age 2 to now seniors in college taken at scenic stops along the way. It has made for a memorable photo collection. It would not be summer without numerous walks on the Marginal Way. Love the webcam!!!

  7. Don Sugarman says:

    Marginal Way is a special place for my wife and me. We always walk the Marginal Way, when visiting Ogunquit. <a href="; title "Click here" for a short video of my mom, dad, and great-uncle Sam Richmond on the Marginal Way, maybe in the 40's. (Hope the link works.)
    Keep up with the great work, and good luck with the fund drive.

  8. Bruce Fourman says:

    Oh… This is so awesome. My family used to spend half of the year in Maine when I was younger. We would walk the Marginal Way every weekend. I could almost do it blindfolded.
    Sadly, I have not had the chance to come back in over 20 years. This is a wonderful reminder of my childhood. Thank you!!!!

  9. Richard Heschke says:

    Just back from Ogunquit. Have been watching Marginal Way webcam. Marvelous shots – reminding me of a wonderful spiritual experience spending time along side and experiencing the power of the ocean. Thank you so much. Will donate at a later time – after I pay for my Ogunquit trip. lol

  10. mike lang says:

    I so appreciate the web cams !
    I grew up going to Ogunquit every summer in the 60’s and 70’s. Had my honeymoon at the cliff house in 03.
    Great job in preserving this magical area.
    planning to go in 15 w my kids to pass it along.
    Thank you for a great Job !

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