Recognition Plaques

$10,000—Make a lasting contribution

A total of ten bronze Recognition Plaques will be placed on a special site along the Marginal Way, with each plaque recognizing 25 people or families. These bronze Recognition Plaques are now filling up and will be the last legacy names to be allowed on the Marginal Way. There will be no more after this.

Five family plaques (125 recognition listings) are to the left of this "friends" plaque, and five are to the right.

Five family plaques (125 recognition listings) are to the left of this “friends” plaque, and five are to the right.

A charitable donation of $10,000 will reserve a line. Each line has 33 spaces which can be inscribed with the name of someone you wish to recognize for posterity. Currently for Plaque Three, a temporary plaque has been installed. This plaque has the same footprint and overall design of the final plaque. Those who have made an initial non-refundable deposit of $1,000 and provided the text for the inscription will have that line installed on the temporary plaque until all 25 spaces are filled. At that time, the final plaque, similar to the first two, will be cast and installed.

Once the final plaque is in place, the bronze strip that was used on the temporary plaque will be given to the donor for their own use.

The Marginal Way Committee and the Ogunquit Select Board approved the installation and design of ten donor recognition plaques, each displaying 25 family names.

The locally-quarried granite stones were crafted by Kevin Garfield of Wells, Maine. The bronze recognition plaques are manufactured by Steven Roy Monument Company of Rochester, New Hampshire, and the viewing area was designed by architect Hiroko Lindsey of Lindsey Architects ( A dedication for Plaque One was held in October of 2013.

You may now recognize friends or family by permanently affixing their name on one of ten plaques approved for a space near the Geology sign on the footpath.


Do not wait.  The Town has placed a moratorium on any future Marginal Way plaques after the construction of this area.  If history repeats, visitors who love the Marginal Way will quickly reserve the 250 spaces.  We are already nearly 20 percent reserved.


Helen Horn, Barbara Dailey & Paul Breen at the plaque dedication ceremony.

Helen Horn, Barbara Dailey & Paul Breen at the plaque one dedication ceremony.

To support the goal of preserving our beautiful footpath, please consider a $10,000 tax-deductible contribution to the Marginal Way Preservation Fund to reserve space on a plaque.  Ask us about installment contributions to save your plaque space.

An initial $1,000 is required to reserve a space, and the balance is due before the plaque is completed.

To start, click on the Donate button below. Please be sure to add a memo telling us your mailing address and your phone number so we may contact you. Also, be certain to indicate what you wish your inscription to say. A line can hold up to 33 characters, including spaces.

You may also send a check to:

Jeanne Roche, Exec. Dir.
Marginal Way Preservation Fund
PO Box 1455
Ogunquit, ME 04055

Read the stories of those already recognized

Left Stone

Plaque 10
25 available
Plaque 8
25 available
Plaque 6
25 available
Plaque 4
1 space reserved, 24 available
Plaque 2
“Friends of the Marginal Way” plaque (installed)

Right Stone

Plaque 1
Plaque 3
  23 spaces reserved, 2 available
Plaque 5
1 space reserved, 24 available
Plaque 7
25 available
Plaque 9
25 available

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