The same natural forces that make the Marginal Way unique and breathtaking have also caused serious damage.  Destruction by repeated storms has cost millions of dollars to repair. The Town of Ogunquit has maintained the Marginal Way with assistance from federal funds.  However, the Army Corp of Engineers will no longer provide funding for maintenance.  As a result, the burden for upkeep falls on the Town of Ogunquit.

In order to keep the Marginal Way safe and accessible to its many followers, we are relying on donors like you for support.

Donate Online

Net donations (after operations expense) apply directly to the Marginal Way Preservation Fund to safeguard the future of this unique footpath.

4 Responses to Preservation

  1. Terry Dawson says:

    I would love to make a donation, but how come I can never get through to someone on the phone?



    • George Hamilton says:

      Terry, we have had some phone issues recently, but we believe we have rectified that. I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you and others. You may also contact us through our regular email,

  2. Denise Rochon says:

    Is there a monument overlooking the ocean along the Marginal Way, where a request can be made to carve a name for someone as a memorial? At one time, there were dedicated park benches?

    • Please contact me at 207.641.2200 and I will explain our new bronze recognition plaques being installed this summer…they are selling fast. Our bench program ended in the 1980s. Remember, no bench, monument, structure, vegetation, tree or rocks can be altered on the Marginal Way. Leave no trace. Please consider joining the volunteers who care for this precious path by the sea. Let us know if you witness any damage.

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