Honors and Tributes

We are pleased that so many people have chosen to pay tribute to their loved ones through donations to the Marginal Way Preservation Fund!

You can donate in honor or tribute right now. Once you’ve logged into PayPal and specified an amount, be sure to click the link “Add a message to Marginal Way Fund” so that you can tell us the name of the person you’re honoring.

Here are the names of all the people who were honored or remembered by family and friends. Contributions made in someone’s else’s name always helps preserve Ogunquit’s Marginal Way.


We list below all those extraordinary people for whom many contributions were made in their name. In celebration of …

Craig & Alison Adam’s wedding
Alden Bianchi
George & Elaine Blum’s 50th Anniversary
Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah
Paul Breen’s 80th Birthday
Jo Clark
75th Birthday of Muriel Friedman
Merle Gold
Jackie Griffin’s Birthday
Wayne and Jackie Griffin
Karam & Beth Hanban’s 40th Wedding Anniversary
Charlie Hindmarsh
Barbara Karas’ Birthday
Mary Kett’s Birthday
David, in honor of his graduation
Irving & Marline Kriegsman’s 50th wedding annivers
Mary Joan Ladden
Stephen & Kristen Nadeau
Richard Morgan and Charles Smith
Janice MacArthur and Jane Scordato
Denise Rozell and Candice Spock on their Wedding
Jack & Karen Van Buren
Wally & Jill Weiner’s 50th wedding anniversary


We list below all those extraordinary people whose loved ones and friends remembered them by making several contributions. In memory of …

Dennis Bakach
Terri Ball
Herbert Barrett
Marion Bausewein
Roland Beaudoin
Tina Micieli Bianchi
Donald Blais
Donald Boulger
Arlene Breen & Wendy Kline
Daniel Breen
Louise Breen
Miriam Burgess
Lawrence Burke
Timothy Carey
Alfred Cavaretta
Jo Clark
Philip G. Clark Sr.
Ruth and Charlie Curran
Carol Dana
Bill Dolan
Gary Dunbrack
Brenda Ellsworth
family of Ken & Carolyn Erikson
Stoughton Randall Farnham, Sr.
Abraham (Al) Fisher
Antoinette Fusco
Alice Griffin
Robert Hatch
Ronald & Jackie Langlois
Mildred LaPerche
Frederic L. Lothringer
Mary Luciano
Albert Lyle
Stu MacNeill
Wife and dear friends, George & Elise Matthews
Margaret Miller
Louise A Naylor
Craig and Peg Nicolson
Terry O’Brien
Jeffrey J. Patryak
Susan Pignatella
Natalie Rawding
Phyllis R. Roboff
Olga Rochon
Fred Salfeety
Walter Dietrich Schmiedeskamp
Warren Schneider
Beth Greenberg Schwartz
Irving Schwartz
Elinor Brawner Seevers
Evelyn Sestini
Paul N. Shaver
Daniel Sheridan
Graham Simonds
Michele Smeester
Constance “Cookie” Smith
Billy Tower
Tina Virgin
Steve Waltein
Clark Wescott
Mrs. Winik
Roy L. Wooldridge

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  1. Trina Evans says:

    Hello Can you tell me the options and fees for a memorial bench on Marginal Way Thank You Trina Evans

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