2017 Donors

We are deeply grateful to all of you who have supported preservation of the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, Maine. Your names are listed below alphabetically. Donations to the Marginal Way Preservation Fund are cumulative during the Fiscal Year (January through December) during which the contribution(s) were made. This page shows a composite list of Donors whose outright contributions were received in this calendar year. Also links to see our donors from previous years have been included at the bottom of this page. Come walk the Marginal Way again soon and see all your generous donations at work. To find your name easily, use CTRL + F (for Control Key + “F” key) for “Find” window. Type in your name, hit Enter, and your name (and others like it) will be highlighted!

 Up to  $100

Full Name

Gail & Louis Babin
Lindsay & Anthony Balint
Julie & Brian Barnes
Diane Bennett
Ann Billion
Miriam & Morton Brown
Carl Buchman
Mary Buck
Elizabeth & Richard Camp
Justin Caretta
Cynthia & Dennis Cohen
Gloria & Bill Collins
Jo-Anne & Robert Committo
Cove Landing Condo
Joanne & Gerald Dinan
Ruth & Michael Dineen
Virginia & Roger Dwyer
Jean & Brian Ensor
Rae-Ann Fischer
Mary Ellen & Gary Frustaci
Ann Gallagher
Farah Moheet & Elaine Giangrande
June & Robert Greenbaum
James Goad & Richard Hallin
Robert, Alexander & Joseph Hamilton
Beth & Karam Hanhan
HiTide Gifts and Gourmet
Patricia & Tommie Jackson
Judith Keone
Gail Kirsch
Lorraine & Denis Latulippe
Richard Leskovar
Shirley Lupien
Elizabeth Lynch
Maryann & Stephen McMahon
Maureen & Tim McMullen
Mary Mitchell
Joanne & David Moore
Elizabeth Newberry
Douglas Noon
Becky & Jim Opoien
Gary Peters
Sharon & Manuel Ponte
Roseann & Nick Rello
Ann & Allan Rifkin
Beverly & Ronald Robinson
Albina & Maria Salvador
Edward Schoen
Jill & Wally Weiner
Nancy & David Wilder

Century Club Members – Thank You!

These 2017 Century Club members made an annual gift of $100 or more this year to assist with repairs.

$100 to $250

Shirley & Steve Berk
Candis & Robert Buoniconti
Stacy Bushey
Donna & John Cole
Betty & David Coleman
Joseph Coray
D. E. Shalbey 1996 Family Trust
Ann & Laxman Desai
Joann Desrochers
Jeanne & John Dunn
Sue Epstein
Cindy & Richard Feltman
Elaine & Richard Handloff
Karen & Michael Hanrahan
Maryann Harrington
Gilbert Lavoie
Nancy Levy-Konesky
Susie & Vinny Lobello
Mark & Pam MacLeod
Ellen & Dennis Mahoney
Elizabeth & William McCann
Janet McKee
McKinsey & Company
Marian Rosenberg & Barbara Minakakis
Denis Paquin
Sue & Joe Rocco
Irma & Barry Rosenberg
Joyce Shaver
Beth Ann Smith
Jeanine & Norman Storrs
Rita Laitres & Marilyn Sweet
Gerson Vineberg
Joanne & Robert Wendling
Wayne Wright
Alfred Zodda


Lance Lollini & Patricia Day-Lollini



Michele & Pierre Peloquin


Previous Years’ Donors:

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